Andreas Goewie
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Photography  Oil paintings   Watercolours and more

Education in fashion and graphic design at the Academy of Visual Arts (Willem de Kooning) in Rotterdam.
Set up CHECKPOINT along with kindred spirits: fashion design, graphic and industrial design, photography, boutique.
Lecturer in fashion and life drawing at the Free Academy in The Hague. Concept and series photography for De Telegraaf newspaper.
Was editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine TIQ, politics, fashion, beat and sex.
 Pop photography in the NPO Dutch public broadcaster studios in Hilversum

Women and men fashion designer for Checkpoint, The Hague, the International Fashion Council, Formen-Amsterdam, De Boog- Belgium, Alain Paine -Wales, Hefti- Switzerland, Brennet-Germany.

Art director for the advertising agency FHV/BBDO, Amstelveen.
Member of Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars (BOK, Professional Organisation of Artists).

KVF, Artists Assocation Flevoland. Member of Globalart.BE/
Exhibition in May 2012 at the Art Fair in Utrecht. Exhibition in Art Fusion, Amsterdam.
Exhibtion in the provincial government building Provinciehuis in Lelystad, 2013, 2016.
Exhibition in art centre, Almere 2014. Museum Schokland and museum Nagele, 2014.
Exhibition in gallery Global Art, February 2015 in Tongeren, Belgium.
Six pages in the international German/ English art book "Who is Who", 2015-2016.
One painting 30 x 40 cm in the art book "Cohens Choice", 2015.
Two pages in the English, Russian, Italian art book WEcontemparary 2016.
Two pages in the Art book European Contemporary Artist 2016/2017.
Exhibition in the Affordable Art Fair, October 2016. Amsterdam.

Exhibition "Mathilde" 2018, Terneuzen, Netherlands.

Exhibtion "Bedrieglijk Echt" 2019, Gorcums Museum, Netherlands.  Instagram/andreasgoewie 

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